Pomegranate Studios has partnered with HRMG to create our newest short film inspired by Latino and Mexican-American life in South Texas. With pre-production development on track for November’s filming schedule, we are excited to represent the Coastal Bend Creative Culture within our community. 

Pomegranate Studios would like to officially announce the lead roles for our latest short film production, Las Virgenes. 

  1. LUNA – Josianne Salcido
  2. LUPE – Tori Aguilar
  3. ANDI – Graysen Ramos
  4. ESMI – Gibssen Ramos
  5. MATEO – Carlos Peña

Currently, there are minor roles available and they remain to be cast; along with the opportunity to be an extra or work on set as crew. Please see our latest casting calls for all information and email your headshots to casting@pomegranate.productions

We are grateful to have received auditions from multiple, talented candidates and want to thank all the actors and actresses that auditioned for the opportunity to perform as a lead. We hope that you continue to pursue your craft and audition for us again in future productions.

If you would like to support Las Virgenes by becoming a potential location or funding sponsor, please contact us at info@pomegranate.productions

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